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Sometimes I write blog posts when I’m bored. Sometimes when I have to. Sometimes late at night when I should’ve done it yesterday.

This one right now is new. I’m writing this because my ever reliable ute is sitting in the driveway with two flat tyres so I can’t leave my house. Yes two! How the hell did I manage that?

Not a clue. I had to change one on my way back from Pakiri yesterday afternoon on route to shooting a mindblowing pano of the bay. Thanks to said issue, it clouded over as I was about ten minutes too late so this is the best one

Pano 1 resize

Anyway the last week has been exhausting with this heat. I’ve been shooting plenty (no pun intended) in and out of the water. Last Saturday was another solid spear session out around the point so you can check the catch here

I also ducked out for a little golf course shoot in the evening and managed these couple of images

G course 1 blog

G course 2 HDR blog

Drone panos are fun. I will be writing a blog post very shortly with some details on this!

G course Pano blog

And yes of course, Sunday. A day like no other! A bit of swell hunting and a lot of photo taking. Peep the days action below

I shot A LOT of images this day, possibly too much. Here’s my favourites

Mike skim blog

Two roads blog

Ash 2 blog

These lads were having fun

Sending it blog

That was last weekend, it was a super fun one. I’m not sure about this one coming as I’m still working through my tyre woes. I will update once I’m rolling again.

See you at the beach!


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