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Bunnies & Bush Eggs

When Easter comes to mind, what do you think of?

Chocolate? Food? Dare I say it…. Jesus?

To me it means four days of relative freedom. Originally I was meant to be away. A lack of interest from the crew and a winch that can’t assemble itself, meant I was staying at home. Four days of shooting footage, winch testing and surfing. Oh baby!

Left blog

Here is good Friday, the first day testing!

Saturday we kicked it off early and got some waves in

Position blog

Sunday was the best winching day down at Tawharanui

Easter Monday was slightly more laid back. A surf and a trip up the coast

I’m still clearing through a whole heap of photos from the weekend which would make this post realllllly long if I added them. Some are up on Instagram already though.

Boats blog

To finish up what has been a pretty crazy week editing video, I dropped a spearfishing Minute Massacre which has over 400 views in one day. Check it below

I feel like Easter was far from a let down. The tasty treats are already getting lined up for this one!

See you at the beach!