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165gb Of Great Barrier Island Content.

That’s not a typo. After returning this week from “The Barrier” and clearing all my cameras, 165gb was the number on the folder.

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That consists of shooting with a DJI Phantom 3 drone, Sony Handycam, Sony A6000, three different GoPros (one of which is now dead), all in the highest res possible.

Now comes the what to do with it all?

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The daily vlogs are underway ¬†on OXS TV, with Day 5 dropping soon after this post goes up. These videos are produced to really try capture the whole experience with where we are, what we’re doing, eating and laughing about. These aren’t directly attached here for now but a full update will be coming in a couple of days. Get along to OXS TV HERE.

The pictures. Oh boyyy the pictures. I have several HDR drone panos to edit from the top of mountains, beaches and sunsets that I haven’t got to yet!

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Aaaand of course my main channel productions which basically takes the best of the best and jams it all together. I’m also going to drop a little highlight video in the next couple of days from the trip.

Hours upon hours of editing is where I’m at.

All the fantastic updates are coming soon so stay tuned.

Thank you to the people who made the trip what it was. Simply put, I feel Great Barrier Island is an adventure lovers paradise that we all should experience!

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See you at the beach!