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50 Minutes Of The Best Great Barrier Island Content On OXS TV

Having returned from one of my favourite places and getting stuck in to the editing, all the daily vlogs are now live from the trip!

Blind Bay Pano 1 blog

This took countless hours with over 165gb of footage to sift through. I can now safely say I have seen every video clip of that. I would love to say one day in particular stands out but there isn’t one.

Anyway we’ll kick it off with the first day where we landed on the island and got settled in.

Day 2 we’ll say was “moving day”. Time to make a plan, hit the water and check out those views!

Day 3 was my birthday. The BIG 30 (gulp). I celebrated it with a lot of rad people!

Day 4 was MT Hobson day and the best winching day. Too much fun!

Day 5 was rest day… Sort of

Day 6 we were back on the winch and we big Adam farewell on his next adventure

Day 7 was my least favourite simply because we had to go home!

It’s good to be home but I can’t wait to go back. Thanks again to those who made the trip what it was!

See you at the beach.


4 thoughts on “50 Minutes Of The Best Great Barrier Island Content On OXS TV

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  3. Did you only spend it at Tryphena?

    1. We mainly spent time at Tryphena, Awana, Medlands and Kaitoke. Stayed at Crossroads.

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