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Editing Eyes

The last week has been jammed again. A lot happening. A LOT.

Tango blog

My computer has really been working overtime producing content, both video and photo. Most of the content has been from the barrier trip but I’ve also been reopening folders and checking things out.

Boat blog

One other thing has been the addition of a water housing for my A6000. I want to get into the underwater photography game and to a level well above that of GoPros. This now means 24mp and the ability to edit RAW files.

I’m super stoked on this. I took last weekend off from vlogging but shot with this set up instead. There’s a lot of learning first to get up to speed but after one dive with it I feel I’m on the right track! The spearing was good too!

Ryan BW King blog

After dropping all the vlogs on OXS TV, I threw together this  Top 5 video about Great barrier Island

I’ve got a few really fun projects coming up that I’m shooting locally so stay tuned. I’ve even got some printed work displayed at the Omaha Club available for purchase. I’m going to run a little giveaway on my Facebook page soon so you should get along and give it a like!

Canvas blog

See you at the beach!