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But what does it meeeean? The number 268 has no real significance to anything really, i just Googled it. In this case however it is the total number of uploaded videos I have through my two YouTube channels.

Thunder 1 resize

If you follow me on either my main or my second “vlogging” channel then you will know I do like to keep active. I set out about two years ago to produce content on a consistent and reliable basis. To date this has been successful but very tough. Very, very tough.

The workflow and level of button pushing per week is large. I manage I feel because I don’t watch TV at night, drink beers or put my feet up. It helps I live alone and most of all I love it! This is how I prefer to spend my evenings, editing!

Right edit blog

The last week has been up there again with the level of button pushing. I have already blogged about a Snapper snoop from Matauri Bay, as well as edited up a drone clip from up north Queens Birthday weekend which is live on Monday. I had to pull finger there as I’m away in the north again 🙂 and won’t be back until Sunday.

Anyway last Saturday saw some waves. Waves! There’s hardly been any out east this year

Sunday it was back in the water, with some laughs with my youngest and best team rider. I also shot some great shots of a Thundercat! I reaaaaally want to shoot some drone footage of these guys so keep an eye out!

If you would like to follow me on YouTube you can click the pictures below as well as see a few statistics

Main channel

OXS Main Crop

Second channel


As mentioned I’m currently up north doing a bit of diving and media capturing. See you when I get a back!