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Adventure NZ Podcast #1 Adventureman Dan

The topics of podcasts has been something I’ve taken particular interest in for a few years now. To be perfectly honest I don’t watch (if we’re talking video) or listen to too many but I get quite into the ones I do.

I’ve wanted to do one for a couple of years, every so often I’d think about. More recently I’ve thought about it a lot more and realised it was time to pull the trigger.

Seek blog

First up we have a friend of mine I finally managed to catch up with after a few months of contact. I would love to fill you in with words but that would defeat the purpose of the podcast wouldn’t it. Dan is from America and is somewhat of a skilled and very enthusiastic spearfisherman with plenty of great things to say about New Zealand.

Dan blog 2


Find the video podcast below

And even a downloadable (I think) Soundcloud link

We spent a few days tripping about in the far north, you can find the adventure on OXS TV here or on the blog post from the trip.

On a serious note I have penciled this podcast in for a once a month type thing which I feel is achievable. I would love to feature people with opinions, interests and skills that suit the Adventure NZ tag so feel free to nominate someone! I already have a few people lined up. I’ve figured it’ll take a while to find my feet with this but it’s going to be a blast!

See you at the beach.