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Feeling Good Man!

I’m feeling good man.

This coming week, on Monday, is the three month mark without an alcoholic drink. I don’t really consider this a particularly big deal but I do put it down to feeling so good.

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Fitness and health is such a huge part of my life and it’s something I don’t give much thought to. Several years ago and more specifically the last couple, I made the conscious decision that to operate at a high level consistently, then I had to be fit and healthy.

Day in, day out, what do I have to lose?

Nothing. That’s what! Good food and physical activity, day in, day out is key. I hit the gym a few times a week but I really feel strongly about having physical hobbies and lifestyle.

Eating well is probably harder than staying active but with so much fresh fish at my disposal and an interest in good food makes this a fairly straight forward transaction.

How do we push fit and healthy lifestyles to people who simply don’t want to hear it? It’s a tough one, as most in the fitness game think gym selfies and general douchebag tendencies is what’s needed.

It isn’t.

While I would love to get into it I feel it would be better suited to a podcast topic at a later date but I am well aware it is bloody hard to push fitness and health without coming off as arrogant or full of yourself. I realised this (again) when I tried to film a little segment in last weekends vlog and had to do several takes because self confidence, especially in our tall poppy chopping society of New Zealand doesn’t allow this talk. Find the vlog below

Sunday was Tugg day once again with a fun session even in partial sunlight. Then I went to shoot some drone shots in severe wind

That’s it for the weeks blog, I could have very easily rambled for hours about my true thoughts on fitness and health but I will save it for another time.

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I’m feeling good man.

See you at the beach!