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Action Packed Weekends

Taking photos and making videos is fun, that’s why I do it. Doing it consistently is key as well as making it interesting.

Forest blog

I set out about two years to do exactly that. Keeping it interesting isn’t that difficult, I get around the place and have interests in a few things, so consider that box ticked.

Consistent “constantly adhering to the same principles, course, form, etc.” I feel this is the biggest thing to building a platform especially in this modern, internet based age where everything is at your fingertips. This doesn’t mean it’s hard, it’s just a lot of work! I’ve never kept count but there’s certainly a few hours tied up in the Adobe suite each week.

2 x Whale blog

The last weeks vlogs are of course out on time and very interesting. Saturday saw a dive that wasn’t the most productive and a freezing shoot with the drone

Sunday! Boy oh boy was it interesting. Whales, surfing, skimming and laughing. How your Sunday should be

Cheers to the last and here’s to more content!

Omaha Pano cold blog

See you at the beach.


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