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Mid-Winter Blues

We’ve had some rain this year and by saying “some rain” I mean all the rain. It just hasn’t stopped.

We strolled into Summer in a dry spell then wham! Christmas eve and it’s Omaha only flash flood. It seems to have been really nice or really bad since Christmas courtesy of the El Nino weather patterns.

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Last Thursday rolled around and it was the same old thing with rain. Then at 12:45am Friday morning I awoke to flashes of lightning and what can only be described as the heaviest rain we’ve had here. I peered into the garage to see the ground was wet. Perfect, time to get to work. A little bit (a lot) of scrambling and a few hours and failed photo attempts later I was back in bed.

Friday Omaha was smashed. Flooded houses and properties. Check out Saturdays vlog where I document some of it including the flooded Golf Course on Friday morning

Sunday I truly didn’t know what to do. Bad weather, surf and a place to clean. Still managed to scratch around

It’s been that shocking that I’ve decided to go to the Far North again as of Thursday evening, the waves are calling.

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On a side note stay tuned to my main YouTube channel, I have some fun stuff dropping over the next week!

See you at the beach.