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The Ever Changing Face Of Content Creation


I made my first video with the help of a couple others in 2009. It was a compilation of skimboarding clips uploaded on March 6th 2009 (find it here). Quality was terrible but the actual content was pretty cool!

Over the next few years I dabbled with plenty of different videos all skimboarding related. Short story is the sport really fell off here so I stopped making content simply because I didn’t know how to make videos without other people.

Fast forward to the start of 2014 and I had started researching content creation and the future of it. I had a couple of people put their names forward to help out as they wanted to build their own platform and failed. Consistent content was the name of the game so I loosely planned to put something out once a week which was a tall order while still learning about how to make videos without other people.

March 10th 2014 and I uploaded a very basic Instagram clip to a new YouTube channel followed by a couple more. I moved into the idea of informative monthly wrap ups, skimboarding info, motivation and fitness related videos. I even did a couple of video forecasts for skimboarding which was well received. This consistent thing was fun.

Back in 09 skimboarding compilation videos were the name of the game and was what worked. Fast forward to 2016 and the similar video style seems to be my consistently least viewed which is interesting seeing the production is about 4700x better. The tricks haven’t really advanced and there’s still so very few people worth getting on film but boy are they fun to make! In terms of enjoyment, they’re number one. I’m talking about this because I dropped another little clip to the Minute Massacre series shot a couple of weeks ago with just one other in about 90 minutes.

Find it below and let me know what you think!?

Good fun yes! Well produced yes! Tricks are cool but needing advancement by youthful keen riders, which is the hold up.

Creating content is fun and it’s a little weird to think that people actually tune in to see what’s happening. “Vlogs” is also a huge part of my creative life and well, life in general. It gets me out and has allowed me to learn on the go, all the weird things involved without having to sit in a horrible classroom environment. You can find my vlog channel OXS TV here.

So where to from here? Keeping on the ball and having a very open mind is what I pride myself in so that I can be sure of. As well as drones, people really like drone footage! Where content is going there is no certainty, all I know is that I’m going to keep creating and biting at the heels of everyone doing it!

See you at the beach!