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Great Barrier Island NZ – A Drones Perspective 4K

Great Barrier Island lies in the outer Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand, 100 kilometres (62 mi) north-east of central Auckland. With an area of 285 square kilometres (110 sq mi) it is the sixth-largest island of New Zealand and fourth-largest in the main chain. Its highest point, Mount Hobson, is 621 metres (2,037 ft) above sea level. The local authority is the Auckland Council.

The island was initially exploited for its minerals and kauri trees and saw only limited agriculture. In 2013, it was inhabited by 939 people, mostly living from farming and tourism. The majority of the diverse environments (around 60% of the total area) is administered as nature reserve by the Department Of Conservation. In 2009 the island atmosphere was described as being “life in New Zealand many decades back”, not without some positive emphasis.

Those couple of paragraphs were provided by Wikipedia, here is may take on this wonderful place.

“The Barrier” is located in plain site for a few part of the coast from Auckland north. While it’s merely just a blip on the horizon for most people, to some it’s home, to us it’s an outdoor adventure paradise. Unlimited activities range from the many walks/hikes, camping, fishing, spearfishing, surfing and skimboarding. Basically whatever you want to do you can do it here!

This blog post is about my latest aerial video but I just want to reinforce my love of the place! We’ve been several times now to skimboard, surf, get burgers (yes you read that right) and most of all, live. This year was the best year yet and here is the aerial stimulation I know you’ve been craving

I would love to plan a trip there just to shoot but with so many of my own interests I kind of spend the time tripping over myself trying to fit it all in.

Here’s a couple of images that hopefully speak for themselves

Park up blogAwana glow blog Fog awana blog Medlands spot blog Why you mad blog Windy blog

I have already made a few posts on here so if you’re keen to see what happened on the trip in more detail then find it on this blog post here. If you enjoyed this then please feel free to share it to those who may also enjoy it.

I can’t wait to get back, those cliffs at Medlands definitely need to be reshot on sunrise!

As always I will see you at the beach!


6 thoughts on “Great Barrier Island NZ – A Drones Perspective 4K

  1. Bro I love your work! If your ever keen to shoot some views from mahuki (Gannett island) and rangiahua (flay island) then contact me!

    1. Flat island*

    2. I’m always keen! My aunty Ryhi (I’m not even sure that’s how you spell her name) is from Flat Island so I’ve been there just not for years!

  2. ‘Raihi’ 😂 We are probably related. I’m a Ngawaka if you know any. We will be over in September and doing trips out to there if your free around that time.

    1. Ha I was close I guess. In that case we’re distantly related by marriage. I’m only at Omaha.

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