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Smiles For Miles :)

Big wins are what we’re all aiming for in life, eeeeeespecially when it comes to self employment. It’s bloody hard to win big. Hell it’s hard to win small.

The last week I feel I’ve had a few small wins, which is fantastic.

Onehunga 4 edit

Beginning with a shoot for the Thundercat Racing Association last Saturday I was greeted with huge powerlines, partial no fly zones and less than ideal weather. This ruled the drone out as I don’t fly if I’m on the fence about it. Some 500 or so pictures later we were wrapped up. I learnt a lot this day which you can find out about here

You can find a gallery more in full via Facebook here.

Sunday was the fairly standard winter affair but we managed to shoot another podcast (which is edited and set to go soon) and a little solo dive

And of course the barrier. If you follow what I do at all then you may be aware that I’m quite fond of the place. Over the last year or two I have put out A LOT of content from the place. This week my drone video which was shot in April has been my most well received piece of content, to date!

The video and associated blog post went live on Tuesday and has amassed 2200 views on YouTube with the blog post being shared 783 times at the time of writing. This is huge for me and a great confidence booster. I feel I may be doing a few more aerial specific shoots from now on.

Find the blog post here.

Awana glow blog

That’s it for the week, I’mm off to get a fish or two (hopefully).

See you at the beach.