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New Home

I’ve lived at Omaha pretty much my whole life and while the title hints that may change, I’ll let you in on a little secret.

The title has nothing to do with that. It does however have everything to do with the home page changes we’ve made this week on this here site!

I’ve been slacking a little bit on how I want this website viewed but I love the idea of having a homepage that encourages you to click on this here very active blog! Try it out here and let me know what you think!?

The last week has consisted of rain, rain and rain. Last week I touched in sprearing my biggest Kingfish to date at 25kg! I managed to squeeze in an extra vlog featuring it which I don’t suggest you watch if you’re not into the bloody part of spearing fish

Saturday cut up rough earlier than expected and taught us a few lessons on equipment maintenance and how to lose big fish

Sunday the sun managed to come out for a little while so I shot some drone footage which came out pretty clean as well as a freeeezing skim session. Check it below

What a brilliant last week all things considering. Winter doesn’t have to long to go so lets get out there!

I have a minute massacre dropping Saturday from an urban winch session on the grass that had us buzzing so stay tuned.

Horse blog

As always, I will see you at the beach.