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NEW SERIES: Alive in New Zealand

How long have you been a New Zealander?

I have been one for 30 years and (almost) 4 months and you know what, it is pretty sweet!

I have done enough travel to very happily sit down and realise that I really love it here. We have tens of thousands people moving to this country each year thanks to our lifestyle and security down here at the bottom of the world!

On a personal level I love this place for it’s outdoors way of life. I can go anywhere in the world to walk into people in big cities but not everywhere in the world has the level of freedom we do in the outdoors. Within a hour for Auckland in any direction you can do pretty much anything. Anything!

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With water always close by and an absolute necessity for my own sanity, I can see the focus of this new series be heavily errrrr….. Wet!

For now, here is the idea with this series. A monthly edit of all the fun footage and things we get up to which is what episode 1 exactly is! Check it below then read a little bit about the long term goal is 🙂

OK! Long term and the pipe dream is, to make an ongoing series the will feature activities such as skimboarding, surfing, winching, spearfishing, fishing, boating, camping, climbing and basically anything fun! Think a fishing show but with actual variety. A collection of interesting activities that would appeal to a wide audience. Nothing too targeted, just fun!

I think the monthly format could do with being longer, sort of a cross between a fancy edit and vlogging.

So there it is, episode 1 is live and the August episode is over half filmed. If this sounds like a little bit of you then get in touch, you can’t work all the time!

See you at the beach!