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Shooting Thunder

I’ve literally just come back in from my first experience in a Thundercat. All I can say is it has been added to my list of stuff people should experience.

By stuff I mean, really fun shit that you’re stupid if you don’t give it a go at least once! That kind of stuff.

Last Sunday I got the call from Steve, a friend from way back who also pilots one of these boats that they were heading out. I was on the boat ramp about to go surfing but was keen to get amongst it. Our paths collided on the way back in so I shot home and grabbed the drone.

Here’s the clip from my first go at shooting the boats with the drone. Pretty happy with the results!

Here’s a couple of stills which are bloody hard to shoot with the drone so there’s some from land as well.

Air boat blogStones_ blog

It’s a lot like skipping stones.

Thunder 1 blog Thunder 2 blog Thunder 3 blog

On a final note, does anyone want to buy an IRB?

See you at the beach!


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