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Warmer Days

This is my last weekly blog for Winter! Already!

It feels like the Summer season has just left and now we’re on the very back end of the technical Winter season. I say technical because the weather this year has been nothing short of disgraceful.

This means I’d better get cracking. Spring is typically very busy for myself with skimboard and trying to make sure everything is aligned for the Summer. One thing I have come to terms with in the last week is that I really need to skim more.

So many fun things to do and so little time but it’s happening! Saturdays vlog was all about that and when I cam to this realisation after falling over about 70 times in a row. Check it below

Sunday started off quiet but then we ended up going surfing, doing step offs and shooting Thundercats

I mentioned Thundercats and already have the full edit up so find the blog post by clicking HERE.

See you at the beach!

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