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You’ve Been Warned

I remember the very first Tsunami warning I experienced. No idea what year it was but it was probably about 2009. I was working at the Golf Course and the volunteer fire brigade came into Omaha and told us to evacuate the course. For reeeeeeal?

Nothing happened and with several warning over the next year or so it actually lessened the credibility of it all. Then in Omaha and I believe around most coastal towns they erected Tsunami sirens. Big structures that they seem to love testing on Long weekends just so everyone knows the drill.


Last night they issued a Tsunami warning after a 7.1 magnitude off the East coast which brings me to my actual point here. I’m a very heavy sleeper but I certainly did not here boo from those sirens. Maybe the person who’s meant to push the button was also asleep?

The last week as usual has been spent in the water. I even manged a bonus vlog on a very wet Thursday of my first Thundercat experience

Saturday was full on action with skimboarding, podcasts and Orca!

Sunday was dive and adventure day. No fish but look at the place we live!

I have some pretty fun projects on the go, one of which is Tsunami proofing my gear. Until then I will sleep with a life jacket on.

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See you at the beach!