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Creating Your Own Lifestyle Business

I spoke to someone earlier on the phone this week who summed something up for me really well! I’ve spoken to him a few times since as I’m doing some printing for him but he told me that I have “a great little lifestyle business going”.


It was something so small and simple but it was a light bulb moment for me. I’ve always struggled to explain what I’m really going for here with my business.

I know for a FACT, that I don’t want to be placed in my little cubicle for the next forty years and be told when I can have a day off. I also have a very similar attitude towards a relationship.

I do know I want to work really hard on my own projects and interests but also have the flexibility to take some time whenever I really want. Monetizing or at least trying to monetize most of my actions also helps a lot and I use pretty much everything as branding and marketing for the business.

For example last Saturday action started with a dive, then we went winching under the bridge

Sunday I did some work! Yes work, then some recovery

I talk to quite a few people about doing what they love and I’m a firm believer that in this day and age you can truly make a job and/or business out of anything. The catch is, it’s just not easy to do! I may highlight some points on this in the near future.

A creative lifestyle business is now how I explain what I do. It has a certain ring to it that I’ve been looking for for some time!

See you at the beach!