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My First Taste Of A Golf Course Focused Edit

My first real memory of playing golf was standing in the grassed reserve across the road from our house. Dad told me to hit the ball back towards the house. “What if I hit the house?” A cautious Sam asked.

“Don’t worry you won’t” A foolish father replied.

A bounce off the driveway and that’s how I broke my first ranchslider window.


The spot I hit that ball from is pretty much directly under the 1st green at Omaha Beach Golf Club which is in the video.

I spent years playing golf and working here so it seems somewhat fitting to now be shooting images of the place. I’ve actually featured the course in plenty of footage before but haven’t done anything Golf Course specific so here it is. It’s not much but I’m working on something much bigger then intend to hit a lot of the clubs up for similar content!

Looking forward to shooting more images of these highly manicured patches of grass so stay tuned.

See you at the beach!



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