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Close To Perfection


They say nothing is perfect. I agree.

I’m going to use this in context about talking about the perfect life. What would it be? I know what it would be for me but then I know once you get there your needs have changed.

Unlike most people I don’t place monetary objects at the top of my priority ladder. You couldn’t pay me enough to work for months or years (as seems the case) on end with no time to do the things I enjoy. Just nope.

Freedom would be at the top of the list. Being able to drop the tools and go wherever whenever is the dream for me and what I would come very close to describing as perfection. That however is a very difficult task to master as everything costs and bills need to be paid.

The last week has been about just that. The weather is showing signs of drying up and the last weekend the sun was out for the whole thing! Saturday kicked off with an early morning Golf Course shoot which I have since blogged about followed by a solid fish smoke and dive!

Sunday one of my very few female subscribers stopped by with the intent of going out and seeing what all this spearfishing was about. It did NOT disappoint!

What an absolute ripper of a time. The work is flowing and I’m just waiting for the perfect time to drop the tools again!

If you’re around and would like to join in on the fun then get in touch. That welcome has been extnnded for about 8 years now!

See you at the beach.