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Rise & Grind


Spring is here and this means it’s time to get a move on. Board prep for the season has started this week which means trying to get back in a bit of a routine as well as dust. A lot of dust!

Stock taking and working out where all my tools are is how this week has been. The boards are looking sharp but not, quite, sharp, enough. I’m going to be making a couple of small changes to a couple of the models but that will happen more behind closed doors.

Last Saturday was a day of dust and board prep, followed by a fairly average (but keen) surf.

Sunday we were off early on the hunt for some skim, surf or winch fun. We were flexible and the weather unexpectedly bad

I’m heading off to the first club meet for the Thundercat season this morning which I’m looking forward to except for the rain. It’s looking to worsen but that’s been the story of the year it seems.

Completely off topic but the picture for this blog post if at Caoe Brett last year which I’m itching to get out there to dive and shoot the place all over again so if you’re keen then let me know!

See you at the beach!