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The Vision


I love talking about the topic of life with people. It’s refreshing, it gives you a bit of an idea into someones mind, what they enjoy, how they spend their time and more importantly how they would like to spend their time.

How you spend it and how you would like to spend it is usually two quite different things. Insert the Allan Watts saying “If it weren’t for money, how would you spend your time?” or words to that effect.

In this very modern and technologically advanced age we now have the opportunity to create our own opportunities. Modern marketing and advertising is/has changed so much so that almost anyone with some marketable talent has the very real opportunity to live their dream.

I’m talking about solo sport athletes, artists, photographers and creators in general. I believe this so firmly that I’ve backed myself to make it happen (can probably argue that it already has) and would love to work with younger people prepared to create their own opportunities.

The task with younger people is sadly their parents. Yes the ones who care for them are usually the biggest opportunity squasher when it comes to younger people. Their views are 30 years old and most seem terrified of failure. Failure and success is of course for 99% of people measured by a monetary figure.

For those of you who disagree with that click on this video and listen to the part very carefully about the back up plan!

For older people or should I say people of my similar age, we seem to have simply forgotten about the dream. The one day is always one day. Too hard.

The last week has been on. Full on. It’s that time of year where things start to kick off and I don’t have time for no fun. Yes no fun. I have time for fun, not no fun. Saturday was an interesting day with work and the rest of the day spent huddled under a tent shooting Thundercats

Find the video in full and blog post here

Sunday I managed to shoot a little bit of wakeboarding on the sly and after looking at the footage it makes me want to shoot it properly.

So Mr Know It All, what is your idea? Long term I would like to build a team of people who are out there doing it! I chatted to someone this week and said if you had a bunch of guys prepared to put the time in over the course of Summer, you will all end up making money and building aplatform where you can all do it all and pay the bills from it.

The bill payment part of it is key as this one small part of it brings it wayyyy up the ladder of priorities.

Feel free to leave me your thoughts. If you would like to know more about this “team” then let me know.

See you at the beach!