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The Art Of The Solo Adventure

I don’t recall my first trip away solo. If I go wayyy back to my mid teens it would be a golf trip somewhere for a tournament. In more recent years I have been all over the place.

The Far North, Coromandel, Bay of Plenty, Great Barrier Island, Whangarei Coast, Australia, America and Canada are all on the ever growing list.

I love it. I love the freedom that comes with it and the ability to just vanish for a few days. It’s even more enjoyable now with multiple cameras in tow. That is the plan for this weekend as it’s time to hit the road with an almost really nice weather forecast.

I’m going to the Tutukaka Coast with a plan to hit a couple of dives and skims all around there. Having stayed there a few times now I almost feel like I know where I’m going so it suits a couple of days just wandering around. Plus I’m going to get some really nice photos!

Last weekend was another weather affected weekend based from home. Saturday we had a rather enjoyable surf out west then a skim at Wenderholm which leads me to believ I have to do both more!

Sunday after another storm front went through we hit up a few waves

Here’s my top 3 tips for a solo trip.

  1. Triple check you have all your essentials like keys, wallet, phone, sunblock and water bottles. Basically I feel you can usually scrape together the other things but ending up in the middle of nowhere thirsty, sunburned, and no way out isn’t ideal.
  2. Talk to people. You’d be surprised at the accommodations people will make for just one person.
  3. Just go, you know you want to.

That’s it for me, I have to start getting ready.

See you at the beach!