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Hustle Hard

It’s always nice coming home. I’m not even sure if it’s nicer to go away, or nicer to come home.

One thing I do know is that the grind never stops and after coming home from an incredibly exhausting weekend away, that’s when the real work starts! Firstly it’s the vlogs which I always push to get them out in a fast but realistic time frame. Realistic is the keyword here so I’ll kick it off with the Friday arvo trip up and ripper of a Friday evening dive

Saturday was pretty much the reason I went away with a perfect forecast (after months of the opposite) and loads of enthusiasm. The best water viz, warmest day and best beach vibe I’ve experienced in some time

Sunday I awoke feeling like I’d been hit by a bus as is usually the case after a full on week. I haven’t shot waterfalls with a drone before but it’s something I’m going to do again

After the vlogs are done it’s time to actually rummage through the pictures and work out how they’re going to be displayed. I shot a lot over the weekend, haven’t uploaded much or worked out exactly how I will display them yet. There’s actually more nice ones than what I thought so I will add a couple now and save some for later.


So arty!


Matapouri just looking horrible


Whangarei Falls


Tutukaka in the morning

That’s a wrap for this weekly wrap. It’s titled Hustle Hard because no one hustles softly, do they? My 15 hour nonstop day is almost at a close and I need some sleep.

See you at the beach!