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Toes On The Nose – A Little Surfing Clip

Surfing and I have had a relatively checkered past. I started doing it a lot around my early teens (or possibly before) and that’s all I did for a few year. My late teens was my golfing phase of my life and I hasn’t really been until the last five or so years that I’ve really picked it up again.

To me, it’s one of the “Big 4” in my life. The other three being skimboarding, spearfishing and of course documenting it all.

Documenting it all is the hard part. You need reasonable surfers and I’m not a huge fan of just taking snaps of random people. Reasonable waves which sometimes we can wait a really long time for locally. Also out of all the content I create for different genres, I get the most negativity from “surfers” which is a shame and possibly a topic for another day.

There is however plenty of people who are there to enjoy it and I have managed to shoot a little bit lately with said people. This clip is all about the aerial shots and trying to get in a little bit closer. Overall I’m very happy with my operating and I really want to improve on shot composition in the future. Enjoy

Here’s some of the better stills from the day both in the air and on the ground

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