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You Can’t Win Em All But You Can Try!

They say you can’t win em all. This is something until fairly recently I believed just like everyone else.

These days I do believe that yes, you can in fact “win em all”. It will however come to you in a way that you didn’t quite plan for. Picture bumps in the road or a pinball machine. This week has been Pinball ha.


As I’ve been informing people on several mediums, I was going to be moving into a nice little pad right by my sheds. The keyword there is “was”. I sold my boat last Saturday after a longer than expected wait and now it’s looking like a longer than expected purchase date due to a couple of things out of my control right now.

Both of these are fairly major things to me and makes me feel like the little ball on that pinball table. Pretty much everything else is keeping the table steady with a few boards starting to sell and it hasn’t rained all week!

The last week was spent on a little bit of prep for this coming Labour weekend with a beautiful smokehouse build on Saturday

Sunday, with no boat, we set off for a shore dive up the coast where we were greeted by some dolphins. They also came through straight after we got out of the water but I manged to get them with the drone

Tomorrow I pick up a new camera body, the beautiful Sony A6300 which is a great addition to my A6000. I’m also settling in for a few days of beach side camping, skimming, winching and spearfishing. No boating though!

Stat tuned for the updates over the course of the weekend, it’s going to be a good one!

See you at the beach.