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Keeping It Interesting

Something didn’t make the cut in the last week. It’s nothing serious but it was a point I wanted to touch on in one of my vlogs. It was about keeping content interesting and in this particular case, spearfishing.

Now I consider my video content I create, quite different from most. Spearfishing videos for the most part are cool but repetitive and most people are even going out of their way to use the same music. Cringe.

Being a weekend and anything interesting vlogger, it does become quite hard to make content consistently interesting. Throw some bad viz, no fish and no dive buddies it can become quite difficult to keep it spicy. The same can be said for any of my interests I like to get on film.

I have some great camera set ups and do my best so it’s a welcome change when you can peg something nice and get it on film. I will be uploading the full snoop of the fish I’m referring to at a later date but first up is Saturday vlog. Work and a skim at Pakiri which was a bloody good laugh like usual.

And onto Sunday, the video I’m referring to in this here blog post. The dive itself was decent, just a little solo dip with far too many Snapper about. I honestly had a shocker with spooking several as there’s usually not any in this spot!

As for the rest of everything, I really want to do a better job of everything. Skimboarding is also on the must do list which is even harder to keep interesting seeing I only have one other regular skimmer. One.

That’s it for the week, hopefully we will be keeping everything as exciting as possible. Oh and I bought this this week 🙂


See you at the beach!