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Finding My Style

Photography and videography. What do you like about it? I bet the colours, the style and of course the actual imagery all have a big part of it. Sometimes a big part that people don’t realise is the personality behind it that’s selling it to you.


This is a huge thing and is why some “Youtubers” are so popular. It’s them, not the actual content.

I believe I found my own personal style and interests a long time ago. I’m more than happy with how I see myself on film vs real life because it’s the same person. My photography style is one thing I’ve struggled a little bit with. Just this week I’ve been thinking a lot about this. I just typically snap away with whatever I’m doing and capture images. Slightly more focus is what I’m after and I do know what I don’t want to do.

There’s plenty of photographers travelling the world photographing the exact same places that everyone else is and it’s become so boring to me. Think the bloody Wanaka tree and how people go there to photograph what is just a shit tree in a lake. Creativity and skill in my opinion is hardly set to high and my interest has waned. Focusing more on my skill set is where I’m currently at and going to pursue!

Anyway last Saturday was a bit of an eye opener. I spend far too much time by myself and not because it’s my first pick. It’s because it’s the way it is and I like it!

Sunday I rose far too early and started shooting a little short film called “Addict”

I think I’ve found my style now. I’ll have to go take a dip in the ocean later to ┬áponder it.

See you at the beach!