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Vote For Omaha

The brief was to create a 90 second video highlighting why Omaha should be the next predator free community in New Zealand. Myself and Peter Hooper from the OBC got together and scribbled some notes.

Pest control had been an ongoing issue for as long as I can remember in Omaha. Having spent enough time working on the golf course literally pouring buckets of rabbit bait down some of the burrows and now mowing a few lawns, I am all for this initiative. It doesn’t take long to realise what sort of numbers the rabbits are existing in with rats the seemingly more evil and discrete target as well.

Anyway here is the video we put together

You can vote for Omaha hereĀ

Omaha is almost a complete island with water bordering almost the entire circumference so this initiative is definitely plausible! If we win we get a fairly substantial grant for pest control. Feel free to share it to your friends.

Thank you!

See you at the beach.