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Aggressive Dominance

I’ve always been attracted to people who are dominate in their field. Think Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong and Michael Schumacher when they were prime. Please ignore the fact that they’ve all fallen a long way from that now.

I like the idea of someone being that much better than everyone else. There’s a few examples of this in the tech world and one of them is DJI, the drone company.

Over the last couple of years they have simply blown their competitors out of the water. They have a little bit of competition with their heavy lifters but after yesterdays announcement with the most advanced aerial platforms the world has seen, they’ve become even more attractive to me. This isn’t fanboyism talking, this is fact.

I’ve been flying a Phantom 2 and 3 Pro for about two years now. I’ve had a couple of little hiccups but overall what a fantastic product and most of all, learning curve.

Yesterday they released a couple of much anticipated products that more than likely sent every other aerial company back to the drawing board. A fine display of dominance and at a rate that has lead to quite a few people questioning if DJI even sleeps?

This is something I would love to do with my style of work and I believe there’s a couple of small genres that I feel I am. I’m not going to say what because here in NZ you will get chopped down if you somewhat indicate that you may be good at something. Much like the tallest poppy in the field.

Last Saturday was a fairly high pressure morning, trying to learn a potentially very dangerous task with the lads. Something that over time I would love to really blow people out of the water with

Sunday was a day spent pondering really and a few words about what I won’t be doing with part of my business anymore

As for what I was talking about DJI earlier then you can find out more by clicking here. I’m just going to work out how to afford all this new tech seeing my Lotto ticket buying scheme hasn’t been paying much.

See you at the beach!