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Physical Boundaries


I remember turning 30 quite well. I dreaded it for a few years actually. 30! As far as I’m concerned as you’re growing up 30 seems really old.

Speaking to older people they insist, I’m still young. I do feel young and this is where I’m going with this little post. When I talk about physical activity with people I hold myself to a very high standard. In our culture of tall poppy cutting down it is quite difficult to market and express your desire to be fitter, stronger and better than everyone.

That is my approach. Not only do I want to be able to do everything, be fitter than you and do it for longer but I neeeeeed to be able to. I don’t stop and I pride myself in doing this. Last weekend really highlighted that. Saturday we had the absolute hammer down for about 12 hours straight. Two skim, a surf, two steep and longish bush walks in bare feet. My body has felt is this week but that could be down to the skim and winch sessions since ha. Check the day below

Sunday after waking up and checking the conditions which we decided to flag on the skim we set about the day. Cloud cover and a bit of wind meant options were endless but not overly great. A fairly event free dive followed by several traffic jams on the way home and that was a wrap for the weekend

31 is coming up in about 5 months and with almost 8 months with no alcohol I’m very keen to see what sort of physical boundary I can keep pushing. I’m definitely the most fit I’ve ever been but it’s not going to stop. My only personal beef with myself is that I can’t quite get excited about working on mobility exercises. I’m hoping to meet someone that can inspire me in this department at some stage.

Another cracker of a weekend is planned for the first weekend of Summer!

See you at the beach!