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Summer Is Here!

Well duh!


Thanks for this blindingly obvious statement. Why is is important?

To me personally, it’s not really. Hobbies go on year round and my habits don’t really deviate. For the average person and more specifically the “I can’t wait for Summer” types then yes! This season is important.

Having just spent the first official weekend of Summer practically alone with about 47000 cancellations it’s got me thinking and this is going to come off as a bit of an attack. Firstly though here is Saturdays vlog consisting of cancelled dives and skim, even though I still did both

Sunday was a comparative rest day but still got some action in. Also was 8 months with a drink!

Right and now for the attack. I don’t mind the odd bit of confrontation. I bully people but I consider my bullying practices the kind where I bully you into the things you said you were going to do but don’t get around to it. With it being warm now my suggestions is to Get. Off. Your. Bloody. Ass. And go do these things before you’ve missed another Summer and Winter is your excuse.

Time and time again I see this and the one big excuse I get from people now is time. We simply don’t have it. We’ve got our lives to the point where most of us don’t have a day to just cruise about. We go to work for too long just so we don’t have any time for ourselves. What time we do have we spend consuming substances we don’t need and don’t have the energy to do anything a little bit different. Think about this before it offends.

How many people focus their weekend around where they can drink beer? With whom? Then think about how consistently on a week by week basis this happens? Then bring the years into it! I would go as far as saying this is the lifestyle habit of average New Zealander. There is no problem if we mixed in a healthy dose of other activities into it. But we don’t. Seriously think about it. Imagine if all of us did the things we’ve always wanted to do as often as this fail safe option.

We would live different, fitter, healthier, happier and more vibrant lives with a few less inches around our waist.

┬áDon’t believe me? Go try it.

It is Summer after all.

See you at the beach!