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Dear Omaha & Your Holiday Crowds

Omaha, much like every small coastal town has been swelling slowly in population for a month or so now. With Christmas in a couple of days and the holiday season upon us, this is my open letter to Omaha.


Dear Omaha,

First and foremost I’m hoping the weather treats you right this holiday season. The year has been far too moist (yes moissst) and now it looks like the tap is firmly turned off. Prickles aplenty and sweaty beach towels are in order.

The roads, ahhh yes the roads. Think of Matakana like a mini Auckland. Infrastructure built for twenty years ago with no planning for growth. How you all plan to get around the area over the next wee while is testing to say the least. I would imagine if people used indicators, at least attempted to drive up near the speed limit and had general courtesy for other road users it would flow better. Silly idea, so lets not do that.

The beach. Don’t leave your bloody rubbish on it. Just don’t! Respect other people in and around the water and if you have a brand new SUP for Christmas then learn some surf etiquette and stop being a prick.

The locals. Welcome the holiday makers to the area, be friendly and happy. They will be gone soon ha. We don’t have to put up with it for too long and if you’re onto it like I try to be, then you’re probably doing a runner from the area anyway.

The holiday makers. I would have said Aucklanders but there are people from further away. Have some respect for the area and the people. You may be on holiday but a lot of us aren’t so keep that in mind. Be friendly. I know in the city no one really says hi to strangers but up here we do. I find it really rude when you just stare at me with a ‘what was that about’ look on your face. Lastly enjoy the area. Go catch the fish, swim in the sea and swing those golf clubs while you can. It’s a pretty beaut area.

As for myself I guess this is my sign off for the year. It’s been a big ole weird but thoroughly enjoyable one. 2017 will see a bit of rebranding for what I’m doing here and possibly a move. I have enjoyed so many hours spent doing the things I love and I only want to turn it up some more. Finding those that can keep up is proving to be the hardest part.

Enjoy the Christmas buffet and all it brings. If you came here for videos then you can check last weekends action below

I’m coming in hot to 2017 and I’m feeling more motivated than ever. Take note local youth, some of you are getting a stir up in the new year.

See you at the beach!