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Home (for now)


What the bloody hell happened over the last little while? For someone who hasn’t had a drink in over 9 months, this Christmas period has been an absolute whirlwind. I legitimately have to look back through video to work out what I did and where.
Routine is funny like that. Even though I live a fantastically varied life, having somewhat of a routine is what helps me be productive. It’s times like this right now when I come home and have to play catch up. A lot of catch up! I don’t have a fancy laptop for editing yet so all the work has to happen when I get home. This is good and bad.

I have been fairly free from the 24th of December but lets start the story from the 27th. 1600+km in my truck have been added, with the biggest mission being at Cape Reinga for sunrise on the 2nd and down to Matarangi by 9am on the 3rd. I speared my best Snapper and Trevally to date. Got taxed by sharks (again) at Spirits Bay. Had a very successful dive in 60m of water. Almost completely wrote my longboard off. Stayed in a couple of small towns I hadn’t before with existing and new friends. Shot just under 200gb of footage and most important of all, enjoyed it all immensely. So much so that the only real reason I came home was so I din’t get further behind with work.

As for 2017 I have a few unanswered questions. Aside from wanting to grow every platform I have I don’t know if I want to be based in Omaha anymore. The area is growing and as far as getting local inclusion with what I’m doing, it has been a spectacular failure. There’s a few thoughts here

I’m currently locked in my editing room so if you want me then that’s where I will be.

See you at the beach.