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What The Hell Happened?

I’m back to work and routine. Well sort of. The whole New Years trip is edited and all online except for one more vlog. I shot over 220gb of footage which consists of 11 separate vlogs and videos to YouTube. Add a couple more because I want to do a couple of smaller edits of a couple of places.

Pohu sunset blog

This week consisted of editing, some lawn mowing, some skimboard manufacturing, skimming and some diving. The water is warm and the weather is hot and dry for the most part. Workers are back at work and kids on holiday are busy sharing their same, generic beach photos.

So this brings me to the point of this blog post. With no late nights, alcohol or other substances consumed over the “holiday period” I’ve done well to be able to sit here and wonder what the hell even happened? It all went by in a flash and it’s halfway through January already! 2018 is only a few sleeps away!

Plans for the next wee while are getting some boards pumped out through the shop, gym, a rebuild of sorts in the workshop, getting ready for a potentially huge couple of print jobs, several blog posts and getting back on the road late this week for the next round of Thundercat action.

Anniversary weekend is pretty soon which means the busy holiday period will implode on that last afternoon.

I usually share the vlogs in this blog post but there’s been so many I don’t really feel like adding them so I will kick it off with the first one and you can follow from there if you wish OXS TV

The dream and goal for this year is somehow move towards being more of a full time creator. I’m a very firm believer is that I need a lot more inclusion from rad people to make this happen.

Lastly we’re on at the Mount this weekend (21-22) for the next round of Thundercat racing so if you’re around then come along!

See you at the beach.