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Accepting Feedback

One thing when I set out at the start of this creative journey was to gain feedback. Whether you like it or not, everyone is curious about what everyone thinks.

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You can legitimately care what others think and have the good and the bad affect you. While it doesn’t affect me, I am curious as to what others think about what I’m doing. Not so much those who have no real interest but those that are awake and paying attention. It helps me learn and makes decisions when I’m on the fence with things.

I asked for an opinion in my latest vlog and to my surprise I got a fair amount of positive feedback. Excusing the odd hick up, one thing I am very happy with is the feedback and interest I gather is positive! Even from strangers I’ve never met and probably will never meet. This gets me stoked about what I’m doing. Check the vlog here

There’s four big things in my life that I focus on. Skimboarding, surfing, spearfishing and of course capturing it all on camera. It seems people want to see these things relatively evenly. This gets me stoked again so this is the focus. Just to a bigger and better level. I have a wholllllle heap of other ideas but those require money and more importantly time. The latter being the thing people don’t really want to seem to spend.

To finish with and the whole point of this weeks blog post is if you’re reading this or viewing any of my content, hell if you’re seeing my in real life! Then I would love your feedback whether it be good or bad. I’m all ears.

See you at the beach!