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Expecting The Unexpected

We all know the saying but how many of us walk around waiting for something really good or really shitty to happen.

We don’t, so I prefer to take it as “Be prepared for the unexpected”.

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Case in point from where I have just come in from. A little (that turned into a little longer) dive at the local with the hope of spearing a Kingy. I didn’t even see one but I did mange to bag two John Dory and a Butterfish. The Dory was unexpected. Everyone loves them and it turns out, so do sharks. On my way back towards the carpark in about 3m of water I felt the tug on my gun which if you spearfish you’ll know there’s something trying to eat your catch. Camera on and swung around hoping to get it on camera only to find my line cut and all fish still in tact although one was loose and looking a little worse for wear. I don’t expect this to happen but I am prepared for it. Whether it’s going to be a great experience or terrifying one.

Back to the wharf there was some bird activity and some of natures greatest creations, dolphins. Back in the water and my best dolphin experience to date. I’ve swam with dolphins a fair few times but if you ever get a chance to do it with a mask on, DO IT! They’re a lot more banged up than you’d think. I haven’t actually seen them much spearfishing but again I was ready.

The last week has consisted of trying to get back into a groove. Scored some fun waves I must admit especially on Saturday

Sunday I was pumped to shoot a ripper of sunrise. Unfortunately my alarm setting skills weren’t up to the task and I missed it.

If you’ve been following me for a while you might know I always turn up with cameras. This is because I like to be prepared for the unexpected which is what I’m getting at here. A lot of my best videos have come from exactly that.

See you at the beach!