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I’m Staying Put!

Well I’ve had plenty of options lately. Where to live, what to do, self employment or not etc etc.

Staying here blog

Last week was really about all of those major life choices. I was working through whether or not I was happy to potentially give up my brand. If it was that simple then the answer was a simple no. But what if it was for a job with plenty of potential? That’s a little different.

In the end I didn’t have to decide as a simple email back from the ITM Fishing Show answered it for me. I will be staying put in Omaha running this here brand.

It is however time to get focused and start working towards goals. I have a much better idea of where I’m at with everything this year than I did last year. I feel I spent 2016 a bit frustrated and confused with it all. 2017 is different.

On another topic we had some rain last week and the grass is now lush. So lush in fact that I’ve been walking about 23000 steps (actual figure from S Health on my phone) a morning to mow the stuff. After the rain cleared Sunday we got some waves and I must admit, was a lot of fun!

Next week is gearing up to be quite busy with a heap of golf course shooting as it’s tournament prep time and the aforementioned with be looking sharp!

See you at the beach!