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Finding Your Thing

We all need a thing. That passion, that interest, that I’m going to go do that on Saturday thing.

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I have four things. These are all things that through experience I know I thoroughly enjoy doing these things more than the average person. Why? I’ve always enjoyed certain thing a lot. Obsessive, enthusiastic, maybe a little bit crazy. That’s why.

I do them as much as possible. Like a lot, several times a week in fact because well, why not? That’s what makes me tick.

The next two videos are all about what makes me tick as I spent another weekend doing these things that I love.

One thing I don’t enjoy is bored people trying to shut other peoples fun down. This day was extremely fun minus one blemish

As for you thing you might be wondering how to find it, what it is, how do you go about it? Well if you don’t have a thing that you are super passionate about then start looking. Do something different. For the average person you need to expand your social circle and have a look around. There’s a few people in different areas doing your thing.

Things are good.

See you at the beach!