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Nothing Motivational

Trying to come up with something motivational and/or thought provoking each week is pretty hard. Talking about what you’ve been up to in the last week is easy.

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In this society which we acknowledge suffers from Tall Poppy Syndrome, talking about yourself is frowned upon especially even hinting that you may be good (or even okay) at something. So here’s the balance. Each week I try to provide something at least a little bit thought provoking…. Whilst talking about myself ha. Neat huh.

This week I don’t really have anything thought provoking but boy am I having a good time. I finally feel a little more focused and am very happy with a few of my latest little projects. Last weekend we shot off for a dive with the intent of getting some fish for the smoker. A slow start but I managed to run hot towards the end. Check it here

Sunday was a smokey day. At times, smoked fish is a huge part of my staple diet. I love the stuff but only with salt. If you use sugar on your smoked fish then you’re doing it wrong. Wrong!

So that’s it for this week. No motivation, just fun.

Luckily having fun in itself is motivating!

See you at the beach!