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Custom Van Build – Insulation & Epoxy Floor

When it comes to setting up the perfect van build for myself I had a few things that were important in mind.

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One was for it be be warm and dry so obviously insulation was important.

I also wanted it to be fairly water resistant as my ute indicates that she will be seeing a few fair damp bodies in its time.

I also wanted to keep it as light and simple as I could.

First up, after scouring many many videos online the insulation was installed but I would prefer to do it another way next time. All is detailed in the video below

When it came to the floor I needed to retain as much headroom as possible with the build so keeping it thin, strong and water tight were the things that were the most important to me. As again it’s all detailed below

Overall she’s looking good and a lot further on that these videos suggest. At the time of typing this the moving day is 9 days away.

Stay tuned for the ongoing updates as I am covering it in a weekly build fashion.

See you at the beach!