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The Best Thundercat Footage in the World – Sponsors Wanted!

Over the last couple of years I’ve had an idea with Thundercat Racing. An idea to grow what is arguably one of the coolest sports in the world by showing it to people. Not on TV, not flashing my phone in front of you, not telling you about it but by documenting it with a vision and putting it on the internet.

The vision was to showcase the people, the sport, the good and bad and make some fun to watch videos. In short, it has worked. During the 2017 Nationals all I really wanted to do was work out what was going on. During the 2018 Nationals I felt I had it somewhat worked out. Over 750,000 YouTube views from this years Nationals alone. Not counting the Tutorial series. I am stoked with this!

Where to from here? Well as usual in my leaving it to last minute fashion I want to build it from here so lets break a few things down in a very simple form.

  • I don’t get paid by anyone to produce this series.
  • I would like to get paid to produce this series.
  • I have a lot of ideas to increase the quality of this series but I can’t do it alone.
  • There’s one big thing missing when it comes to producing this series and that’s more entertaining Long Haul coverage.
  • A Helicopter would fix this.
  • Imagine if someone would sponsor this and we could cover it properly.
  • The return on sponsors investment would be fantastic when you’re working with the media company.
  • To film and edit this series takes a lot of my time. The obvious travel and film time then an estimated 20 hours per video and photo set.. Per round.

To date I feel this is the best Long Haul video I’ve produced

Entertaining yes but it’s on another level to the Surf Cross events due to the difficulty of covering the race.

So what am I looking for?

A sponsor or sponsors that can get on board with this and provide some funding for the minimum of Helicopter hire to cover the Long Haul events this Nationals. See dates in the video below

So the events I need the Chopper for is Matakana Island on the 4th of Jan and Mayor Island on the 7th.

What is in it for sponsors? A huge return on your investment. I can provide you with media rights, logos in sponsored media, shared links to your business, far more exposure than you would ever get sponsoring a boat, a company video and involvement in this incredible sport. I can guarantee I will work hard on making sure your investment doesn’t go to waste!

There’s so many possibilities here that I can’t list them here but the options are almost unlimited.

So please to you readers, racers, potential sponsors and enthusiasts, share this blog post to someone you may know who can help out here. You can get in touch with me in many ways but phone or email is probably the easiest at 0211297511 or

I will see you at the ebach!