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Crayfish & Thundercats with Garry Waller – Alive in NZ Ep 22

Almost a year ago I had a few ideas bouncing around in my head about what I wanted to produce. My Alive in New Zealand series has always been something that I wanted to change and grow with ideas that came along.

Dealing with some pretty cool people I put the word out in video form of course about featuring people and a select skill set. No limiting it to one thing I started the filming process. It was hard, quite hard. Some things go according to plans, some things don’t.

In my first episode of this format I feature my friend Garry who I met through Thundercats. We then spent some time in the water as it quickly got cod for Winter and threw some ideas (and sticks for his dogs) around and came out with what I feel is a pretty good result.

The video below has the usual wrap up footage from a little while then Thundercat, Crayfish, diving, filleting and food chat. Check it below

As mentioned filming these has been surprisingly difficult and time consuming but I’m feeling charge to do more so if this sounds like you or someone you may know then get in touch.

See you at the beach!