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Custom 110 Speargun New Zealand

When I set out making Spearguns all I really wanted for myself was to have a powerful, well performing, good looking package that felt nice to shoot.

For everyday use that was a 110, twin 16mm rubbers and a good, hefty shaft at 7.5mm. More powerful than a standard railgun package, better feeling and still fairly compact. I completely underestimated how popular this particular set up would be with this particular fresh build set up to that exact spec. You can watch the video to find out everything about it

Pictures below

Control central
NZ made trigger mec!
NZ wood, NZ mec, Italian shaft
Legal marks for Blue Moki, Butterfsh and Blue Cod. Kingfish mark is further back.

So there we have it, another look at a crisp and clean weapon. You can view the blog post with all Speargun updates here.

See you at the beach!