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Rubber up – Bulk Speargun Rubber & Pre Made Rubbers

Spearguns are no use without rubber. Rubber is the power behind the gun so with some tight, well set up rubbers and good looking rubbers it’s a fantastic way to tie it all together.

I bought a fair bit of the stuff a little while ago to service my own product and now have it up for sale via the online store. Think importing it at a surprisingly large cost.

So far I only have the ever popular black but would like to think I’ll be able to get colours in the future. 14mm and 16mm options are available now by clicking here.

I can also set you up with some full Dyneema tied bands. These have a serviceable wishbone meaning you don’t have to take the entire rubber apart, look great with the rounded tips on the rubber and customizable Dyneema colours. All sent to you at a pretty reasonable cost. You can shop rubbers here.

So there you go.

See you at the beach!