Aerial Content Creation

Bring your projects to life with stunning aerial content. Specialising in action sports, the marine sector, landscapes and bringing beautiful Golf Courses to life.

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Shoot Ultra High Definition (4K) film or multiple shot

HDR Panoramas for maximum resolution and stunning results for whatever project you have in mind.

A very passionate fan of watery environments and action sports allows myself to capture the best images for you by placing the drone where a normal camera simply can’t go. Skimboarding, surfing, marine life, moving boats. No matter what it is, I can get the shots! I also have various cameras to shoot underwater scenes as well.

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Spending a large part of my youth chasing a white ball around Golf Courses (I represented North Harbour as a junior) and spending 11 years as a Greenkeeper has sharpened my eye for the details of Golf Courses. Beautiful surfaces take a new twist from the air whether it be film or photo.

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New Zealand is blessed with beautiful landscapes, with aerial content capturing this perfectly. My determination and drive to get equipment to some pretty far out places is second to none. I can capture stunning images for online content or print purposes.

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Flexible pricing plans, times and shooting options are available.
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