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Wining & Dining

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I don’t really drink wine. In fact I don’t drink at all right now.

I do however like man made structures such as Golf Courses, or in this case, vineyards. They always look so out of place in “nature” yet so at home.

The money spent on the upkeep of these facilities is mind blowing when it comes to the upper end of the scale.

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A project I’m currently working on is an aerial video for some of the local vineyards. Styled from a sunrise to sunset setting with all (most) of the rows changing colours at the moment. The biggest hurdle with this right now has been the weather. Last week was wet and grey and this week has been super windy, wet, hazy, with some sun thrown in there. Challenging to say the least.

Besides that last weekend was a fairly mellow affair. Saturday I skimmed out Pakiri and managed a dive

Sunday was a change of plans with a local shore dive and an evening shoot that I really enjoyed

Looks like this weekend is forecast to be a bit of windy mess but I’m sure there will be something to do 😉

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See you at the beach!


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Mild Mid May

Yeap, the title says it all really. After a warm and incredibly wet Summer it feels like it’s still kicking on with unseasonably warm temperatures.

Now that I’ve said it you can blame me for the pending cold snap ha.

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It’s been warm this week as mentioned and that water is still plenty warm. Warm enough to still have plenty of “Bronzies” hanging around. I had a large 7-8ft bronzie swim up and over me from behind last Saturday. So close that I felt something was there and much to my delight I saw this huge object just off the top of me (think 1-2ft) coming in from behind. He seemed calm but it certainly got the heart pumping. Check the days action here (big shark not on film sadly)

Sunday was pretty cruisy with big plans for the arvo. Those plans were pulled short as the winch managed to get itself airborne. Noted

And as of a couple of hours ago I just dropped this Minute Massacre from the barrier. This was pulled from one of the vlogs but I enjoyed the clip so much I redid it a little and uploaded it!

Pheww and now it’s time for the weekend.

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See you at the beach.


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April – Why It Was Rad!

April was the best month so far this year!

That’s a big call seeing this year has been pretty flipping good. Check the recap below

Work, work, work.

Favourite vlog of the month that wasn’t from The Barrier. This day ended up super fun for how bad the weather was!

Photo of the month

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See you at the beach.


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50 Minutes Of The Best Great Barrier Island Content On OXS TV

Having returned from one of my favourite places and getting stuck in to the editing, all the daily vlogs are now live from the trip!

Blind Bay Pano 1 blog

This took countless hours with over 165gb of footage to sift through. I can now safely say I have seen every video clip of that. I would love to say one day in particular stands out but there isn’t one.

Anyway we’ll kick it off with the first day where we landed on the island and got settled in.

Day 2 we’ll say was “moving day”. Time to make a plan, hit the water and check out those views!

Day 3 was my birthday. The BIG 30 (gulp). I celebrated it with a lot of rad people!

Day 4 was MT Hobson day and the best winching day. Too much fun!

Day 5 was rest day… Sort of

Day 6 we were back on the winch and we big Adam farewell on his next adventure

Day 7 was my least favourite simply because we had to go home!

It’s good to be home but I can’t wait to go back. Thanks again to those who made the trip what it was!

See you at the beach.


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Those Videos I Mentioned Last week

In regards to last weeks blog post, I referred to a couple of videos that I couldn’t post due to them not being live blah blah etc etc. I was away, doing this sort of thing


Anyway this is just an update with those videos. This first one is possibly my favourite production to date! Shot over Easter weekend, boy oh boy

The Saturday was a beautiful sunrise and dive session. Another Kingfish!

Sunday. Boy the weather sucked but we smoked some fish and had one of the most fun winch sessions to date

That’s the update. I’m working really hard on all the barrier footage with vlogs already up on OXS TV so check it out!

See you at the beach.


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Eyes Wired Open

It’s Saturday morning again. I’m writing this blog post late (unofficially) again.

Take it in blog

I got a bit tangled up yesterday with a big Kingfish and broken clip on my speargun. That’s my excuse. I am however feeling focused and fresh. I’m taking some of the ideas of interested in and implementing them into my life. One of which is no booze for a year. I’m not a huge drinker but it’s something I’ve thought about for a wee while.

The last weekend has been full on. Last Saturday was hugely taxing. I woke at 5:30am and didn’t stop until 9:30 that night. Getting chased by stingrays, big Kingfish and not landing any tricks. Check it

Sunday was a little more laid back with a delicious early dive and some talk of sustainability

We also climbed a mountain during the week. Mount Tamahunga to be exact. I’m still working on some panos from the top but here’s a couple of nice ones

Hella trees blog Weather ball blog

I’m off to the barrier in a couple of days for a week so the next blog will probably be something I set up to go live from here. I’m probably the only person who writes blogs and doesn’t have a laptop.

See you at the beach!


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Snooze You Lose

I pride myself in being productive, hard working and motivated. I turn 30 in two weeks, which I’m not looking forward to. In fact I haven’t, since I was about 27.

I sort of know why, I sort of don’t.

Boats and ramp blog

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on life lately and really trying to work out what it is, I want to do. I know I want to deal with hard working, motivated and above all… Passionate people. Passion is everything to me. I consider myself passionate, probably a little too passion filled.

Unlike most people I genuinely do feel I know what I want but here’s the cliffhanger……

I’m working far too slowly in order to get there.


Everyone knows the saying “Time flies when you’re having fun” and boyyy, I have a lot of fun but it’s time. Time to pull finger. Pull all of them, at once.

The last week, like always has been action packed. Saturday was spent winching and diving as seen below

Sunday was dive day (again) and I had a shocker. Over the span of about half a hour I shot and lost my best fish ever, got tangled in my line and almost drown, then lost my gun. Was a fun day anyway

I also just dropped this super fun Game Of Skim we filmed a few weeks ago

Shooting nice pictures of nice things is on my list on finger pulling actions. I’ve been out on the Golf Course again and just have to sort a couple more images so here’s a little snippet


See you at the beach!



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Bunnies & Bush Eggs

When Easter comes to mind, what do you think of?

Chocolate? Food? Dare I say it…. Jesus?

To me it means four days of relative freedom. Originally I was meant to be away. A lack of interest from the crew and a winch that can’t assemble itself, meant I was staying at home. Four days of shooting footage, winch testing and surfing. Oh baby!

Left blog

Here is good Friday, the first day testing!

Saturday we kicked it off early and got some waves in

Position blog

Sunday was the best winching day down at Tawharanui

Easter Monday was slightly more laid back. A surf and a trip up the coast

I’m still clearing through a whole heap of photos from the weekend which would make this post realllllly long if I added them. Some are up on Instagram already though.

Boats blog

To finish up what has been a pretty crazy week editing video, I dropped a spearfishing Minute Massacre which has over 400 views in one day. Check it below

I feel like Easter was far from a let down. The tasty treats are already getting lined up for this one!

See you at the beach!



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Getting Ready To Tugg Again

Writing blog posts and making vlogs, sometimes distorts my perspective of time. I sit here (a little late again) writing about last weekend and not telling you about this one.

This is hard because this one is turning about to be incredibly fun.

Wave blog

After last weeks mentioned break downs, I spent practically all of last Saturday in the print room as seen in the vlog below

Sunday was spent diving in the worst visibility we’ve had, then the start of the long awaited Tugg Winch build

I am so very excited to have this winch assembled and running. Yes running! I have learnt so much this week about adapting and making custom parts for this winch. The new drum and frame combo has required some modification.

I will be dropping some really hot footage from this weekend! It’s getting weird!

Mattwinch blog

Happy Tugging.

See you at the beach!




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Interrupted Workflow

I’m late!

With this blog post.

Why? Well a few reasons but one was a small little breakdown with some of my printing gear on both Thursday and Friday. Friday it ground to a halt completely so here I am writing about something that isn’t really relevant. Late.

The week was work filled but the weekend was spent at a Skim Jam organised by one of my team riders, Josh Worsley at Cheltenham. The days action is below.

Chelt 2 blog Chelt 3 blog Chelt 4 blog Groms 1 blog

Sunday was a real beauty spent in the water catching a feed then up the coast at Waipu Glow Worms and taking snaps around Mangawhai

Caves 1 blog Caves 2 blogMangawhai Heads 1 blog Mangawhai Heads 2 blog

We’ll finish this weeks post off with my highlight. I dropped a video recap of the the shark experience at Leigh from couple of weeks ago! Peep the video for a documentary style slice of fun

So that’s it, I’m back on track. I’ve got something very exciting to show you soon!

See you at the beach.