OXS Speargun




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So you want to shoot more fish? Maybe you’re sick of having a Speargun the same as everyone else? Need a Speargun tuned to your needs?

The new line of OXS Spearguns made from right here in New Zealand will help you with all of these things.

This particular gun is made from Iroko with fibregass layers sandwiched between the laminates. This makes for an incredibly strong and durable gun that won’t fail thanks to the use of the best parts from Neptonics.

Spec list as follows:

  • 110 length
  • 2 x 14mm rubbers
  • 6.75mm Pathos shaft
  • Iroko stock with fibreglass sandwich inlays
  • Neptonics Reverse Mec and components
  • Epoxy finish

You can read and watch a video all about the guns here.

Additional information

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