We also offer a screen printing service that started as our own. Up to six color plastisol prints, on almost any given garment can be printed. Poster printing, wood, tote bags etc can all be done! Understanding how the small and emerging brands work, this is who we really like to cater for. Don’t worry if that’s not you, we can still print for you! We can even make a video for you to help promote your clothing (free of charge!). Full garment sourcing is available with the best pricing and quick turnaround for those jobs that can’t wait. Graphic design and logo preparation can also be supplied. Contact us for a quote today. Attach a couple of videos and images, that sort of thing.



Skimboarding is what started it all! The passion and enthusiasm I found from sliding along some wet sand is second to none. It’s certainly evolved from those “old round boards” we all used to see. OXS Skimboards is the largest hand made skimboard company in Australasia and offers huge range of skimboards for all levels. Find (and shop) the site below.

The New Zealand Skimboarding Association is the love child of our two favourite things, skimboarding and New Zealand. Get schooled, learn the where’s, who’s and how’s of skimboarding in New Zealand on the website below

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Tugg Winches

A fairly new addition to our brand is Tugg Winches. Built with mainly composite materials gives you a strong, light, rust proof and powerful wake winch. Capable of “tugging” you up to some scary speeds in the water and on land. Options are fairly open for customisation so colour, hp and rope lengths can all be changed to suit your needs. Standard features -Composte build -6.5hp motor -Torque Convertor -Tugg handle and rope -200m 3mm Dyneema rope Contact us for demos and lesson today! $2950NZ incl nationwide freight. Foloowed by one promo vid then channel links.

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Aerial Content Creations

Aerial Content Creation is our service where we can create stunning video and photos using our drone for one of your projects.

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